What to plant in the Suspended Garden

Plant Pods by UFO are idea for growing edible plants, in small vertical spaces. Regardles of what you plant, don’t water beyond the water fill line, which is 1″ (2.5 cm) from the bottom of the see-through pod.  If the Plant Pods are hanging in front of a window, you can grow edible plants that thrive in the sun , and don’t require vertical support. These include thyme, mint, green onion, basil, cilantro, chives, rosemary.

If Plant Pods are hanging in a shaded indoor area, you can grow edible plants in them, such as mint, parsley,  lettuce, spinach, aloe, chives, cilantro. Some of these plants grow well in both sunny and shaded areas.

Here’s a post on essential herbs you could plant in your home garden, which also works for a window garden made of Plant Pods.

Solid Rain, or potassium polyacrylate can also be added to the potting mix when starting a set of Plant Pods. This can reduce the watering frequency by half.

Plants that don’t overgrow or need vertical support work great in the Plant Pods. You can choose edible or air-purifying plants:

Air-purifying house plants are another option. All plants remove carbon dioxide during the day (some at night), and some remove formaldehyde, mold spores and other toxins. These include Areca Palm, Bamboo Palm, Spider Plant, Snake Plant, Peace Lily and Gerbera Daisy.

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Aqua organic system

This system developed in Singapore has a similar purpose as the Suspended Garden, except it’s not soil based or as modular, or energy-passive. Still it’s very interesting to see how they handle recirculating organic solutions: fresh ideas for city farms.

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an app that identifies plants

Imagine when an app like this one will be applied to weeding robots! No need for machine vision to become perfect, and able to recognize all weeds; a social network and pictures exchanged within and among people and weeding robots will allow weeding robots to recognize weeds!

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Organic Sales on the rise


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Worms in space – British creatures were on the Atlantis space shuttle

Worms in space – British creatures board Atlantis space shuttle | Science | The Guardian.

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3 plants that can clear the air in a room and reduce allergens

Here is the TED talk about 3 plants that can clear the air in a room and reduce allergens:  http://www.ted.com/talks/kamal_meattle_on_how_to_grow_your_own_fresh_air?language=en

Grown them in a vertical suspended garden: http://www.urbanfarmsorganic.com/plantpods.html

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Urban Agriculture Magazines | The RUAF Foundation

Urban Agriculture Magazines | The RUAF Foundation.

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The suspended garden (Plant Pods) were at the World Urban Forum

Thanks to helpful friends from the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto, the Suspended Garden (Plant Pods) was part of an exhibit at the World Urban Forum in Meredin-Columbia. The FAO / food for cities – group had offered to add it to their booth at the forum. They added soil and plants and the Suspended Garden was suspended in moments.

Many early adopters are from CSI too, and I appreciate all the support and feedback. In fact I’ve recently updated the design and now use felt cones inside water containers, to better aerate and moisten the potting mix.

New feedback is always welcome!photo (20) photo (19)

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