Why grow food where we live, and in cities

Kitchens of tomorrow will grow food. Why? To save money, to save time on shopping for food, and to make cooking simple. Recent recessions motivated millions to grow some of their food at home. Besides saving money, imagine if to make a salad you only had to reach for your wall (covered by a vertical mini garden), and you didn’t have to make a completely uninspiring and mind numming trip to the grocery store? Another reason to grow food in-house, is to reduce the fossil fuel used to transport and store imported food.

In “Examining the Future of Farming – Is it Up in the Air?” Dan Rather (HDNet) interviews urban farming pioneers Sunworks, Vertical Farm Technologies, “Gotham Greens” (New York’s first commercial rooftop farm), and Bright Farm Systems. How to fertilize these farms remains the question. UFO’s answer is to cleanly and rapidly process food waste so that it can fertilize in-house (in-city) gardens.

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