Why organic fertilizers

What about Synthetic fertilizers?
Synthetic (NPK) fertilizers favor quantity over quality, causing plants to produce more structural carbs and less nutritious compounds, in order to grow and compete for light. This affects the plant’s taste and health value. NPK salts also inhibit soil microbes that aerate the soil and supply plant roots with oxygen. Recycled kitchen waste, which is free, can be used instead to produce Quality Low Input Food at home.

What about compost?
Composting takes about 45 days, and requires aeration. Vermicasting takes 22 days at the correct earthworm density. Both are useful for creating new soil, but UFO products extract instant liquid fertilizer that can be added to the plant routinely. This results in pre-digested solids that can be transformed to vermicast (earthworm casts) using a properly designed vermicasting system.

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