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Aerated food waste does not smell

Odor occurs when anaerobic bacteria breakdown organic material, and release Volatile Organic Compounds (smelly stuff) as a byproduct. That’s fermentation. Most compost catchers cause this to happen because waste rests on the surface of the container, with no air underneath … Continue reading

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Turning food waste to fertilizer, to plants

This is done by 1. producing a solid fertilizer through earthworms, and 2 growing plants in vertical planters, using this fertilizer. It can be infused in a liquid form too. UFO created among others the Earthworm System. Existing methods of recycling waste … Continue reading

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Vermicasting 101

Food scraps can be processed through earthworms into a rich fertilizer, which is called vermicasting. Earthworm casts (vermicast) is a nutritious organic fertilizer for houseplants too. A vermicasting system can be sized to process the daily food scraps of small … Continue reading

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