Aerated food waste does not smell

Odor occurs when anaerobic bacteria breakdown organic material, and release Volatile Organic Compounds (smelly stuff) as a byproduct. That’s fermentation. Most compost catchers cause this to happen because waste rests on the surface of the container, with no air underneath it or around it. This means liquid builds up, aerobic (oxygen-using) bacteria dies and anaerobic (odor-causing) bacteria takes over. The air-tight lid contributes to this fermentation too.

The Plant Feeder on the other hand is designed to create replenished air chambers around, in the middle and on top of the food waste. The design is based on the food waste’s need in oxygen. If this oxygen is supplied, the food waste won’t ferment.

Try this as an experiment, put 2 cups of waste in a closed container, and spread 2 cups of waste on the counter, on paper towel. The waste that is exposed to air, and gradually dires out, won’t smell. Try it and tell us how it went!

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