Turning food waste to fertilizer, to plants

This is done by 1. producing a solid fertilizer through earthworms, and 2 growing plants in vertical planters, using this fertilizer. It can be infused in a liquid form too.

UFO created among others the Earthworm System. Existing methods of recycling waste through earthworms are labor-intensive, and prone to error. Based on the science I summarized in a factsheet, for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, I  created a design where earthworms get the air and water they need, automatically, and leave the material before the user collects it. It’s also an affordable adobe-design, made of crates fitted with a kit I designed and produce. I also created an excel app that creates ideal feed mix recipes for earthworms, to minimize errors when feeding the Earthworm System. The process results in a higher fertilizer quality than composting, and 3 times faster, with a one month turn over rate. The equipment works in urban or rural settings since vermicasting is odourless.  It’s a convenient technology that turn waste to fertilizer, to new, free, healthy food from edible houseplants. This fits in the vision of the futuristic kitchen that grows some of the food it processes, like Ikea’s Kitchen of 2040 (3). It also fits in the vision of developing villages growing their own food while diverting their food waste.

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  1. anyone interested in processing waste through earthworm can learn about the equipment to use at http://www.urbanfarmsorganic.com/vermisystems.html

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