New Texas legislation to promote urban farms

I learned about this via Linkedin’s Urban Agriculture group. Now if Toronto, then Beirut, then other cities passed the same bill!

“New Texas Legislation- Urban Farm Microenterprise Support Program:
House Bill 2994 amends the Agriculture Code to require the board of
directors of the Texas Agricultural Finance Authority to create an urban
farm microenterprise support program to provide financial assistance to
microenterprises in urban areas inside the boundaries of a municipality
with a population of 500,000 or more that are primarily engaged in
research into processes and technology related to agricultural
production in an urban setting, the production or development of tools
or processes for agriculture in a manner suited for an urban setting, or
agricultural activities in a manner suited for an urban setting. The
bill provides for the establishment and administration of the program
and sets out guidelines relating to the issuance of loans under the program.

House Bill 2994 prohibits state money from being used for purposes of
the urban farm microenterprise support program, but authorizes the board
to accept certain gifts and grants of money for use in making loans
under the program. The bill establishes the urban farm microenterprise
development fund for the deposit of money relating to the program.”

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