The Earthworm System fits in a futuristic condo, or developing village

UFO’s Earthworm System turn waste to valuable fertilizer, and then edible plants. It fits in a futuristic condo, or developing village.

Ikea featured the kitchen of 2040, which will look like an indoor garden, recycle its own food waste and grown some of its own food. UFO, Inc. aims to equip such kitchens! The Clean garbage and its future versions will dry waste and keep it from smelling, the Clean organic fertilizer device will use indoor earthworm cells to turn the waste to fertilizer, and hanging indoor gardens will use the fertilizer to grow food. 

In Nairobi villages the Farm-in-a-sac technique was promoted by COOPI, the Italian NGO. The method successfully produced free food on site, but they concluded that to sustain their mini farms they need to recycle waste on site, into fertilizer. Compost needs 2 months of curing, and fresh compost is toxic to plants. Therefore compost mishandling could damage the farms-in-a-sac. Compost also needs to be supplemented with fertilizer to sustain plant growth. The product of the Earthworm System however, earthworm casts, does not need curing. It’s safe to use on plants when fresh, and it releases plant nutrients gradually and does not need to be supplemented with fertilizer. This is based on published science, summarized in an OMAFRA factsheet. This is why the Earthworm System would help developing villages better sustain themselves, and city kitchens produce free healthy food.

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