What problem does UFO solve?

In simple terms: We eat food that comes from plants, and plants grow from fertilizer, which works really well when it’s made of garbage. So, instead of throwing away our polluting garbage, and spending boring hours buying food at the store, my business makes equipment that turns the garbage to fertilizer, then plants grown at home!

The problem: People’s income is limiting their healthy food intake. City residents also suffer from air and visual pollution among others. Visual pollution is due to the harsh urban landscape that lacks greenery. Air pollution is prevalent outdoors and indoors as well. Indoor air is not filtered enough, in urban nor in rural settings.

Cities also generate food waste that increases their ecological footprint, and their food security depends on food imports. In case of an increase in transport cost, transporting food waste to central processing facilities and importing food into cities will become problematic.

Waste has been recycled into fertilizer in the past, through time, labor, and odour-producing composting. Earthworm-based methods are an alternative, but this is done using under-designed, error-prone equipment. As to structures for growing plants anywhere, these fail to incorporate either recycled organic matter, energy-free self-watering, or appealing design.

The Solution:

All of these problems can remedied by processing food waste into fertilizer on site, and recycling that material into urban edible gardens. This solution includes odour-free and low-labor earthworm systems, and low-labor structures for growing plants fertilized with earthworm casts (waste processing by-product). Both the Earthworm System and plant pots are designed to have zero footprint inside a kitchen or office. These systems apply to gardens on a roof as well. The same effortless recycling of waste to fertilizer, to plant would increase living standards in villages and towns as well as in cities.
UFO produces this equipment that generates edible plants from waste, allowing people of all income levels to eat free healthy vegetables and fruits. It also diverts the food waste stream while doing so.


Competing products:
1. household energy-passive composters. These have side-effects that require them to be placed outdoors, and require manual aeration (by turning a crank).
2. Electric composters. These generate odour when collecting the material, and kiek energy-passive composters their product needs 2 months of curing before being safe to apply to plants. It’s curing that requires compost to take 2 to 3 months time.
3. Earthworm Bins that fit indoors. These require manual separation of earthworms from the finish material. They are designed to attract earthworm out of finished material, towards fresh waste bu their design fails to account for the fact that earthworms migrate too slowly, unless it’s mainly in response to moisture. They also under-supply earthworms with air, which leads to slow turn over rates, and accidental fermentation, odours and flies. In contrast, UFO’s earthworm system is well aerated, self watered and designed for earthworms to self-separate. It’s error proof, requires minimal labor when adding waste and retrieving finished product. It also comes in a wall or ceiling-suspended -suspended version that has no footprint.

UFO created the early models of a technology that will truly green cities, as in add actual green plants to its landscape, while recycling some of the city’s waste and making it more affordable for city and rural residents to eat well, regardless of income.

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