Sources of earthworms for the Earthworm Pods

The Earthworm Pods, which differ from typical Earthworms devices, require 100 earthworms each. That’s the equivalent of 20 grams, and achieves the published optimal stocking density (150 earthworms per litre). 2 oz of earthworms equip 3 pods, and I think that this is the smallest quantity earthworm suppliers sell. Most sell worms by the lb or 1/2 lb. If you end up with excess worms, you can always place them in your garden, or try to resell them on craigslist. You’re welcome to include a link to earthworms for sale (and your location on the planet) in a comment below. Below is also a list of the suppliers I know of. Let me know in a comment if you know of others I should add. The smaller the quantities they sell, the better (but no fishing bait-prices please!).

List if earthworm suppliers:

Toronto: Cathy’s Crawlers

Massachusetts: Cape Cod Worm Farm

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