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What to plant in the Suspended Garden

Plant Pods by UFO are idea for growing edible plants, in small vertical spaces. Regardles of what you plant, don’t water beyond the water fill line, which is 1″ (2.5 cm) from the bottom of the see-through pod.  If the Plant … Continue reading

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Earthworm Pods

The Earthworm Pods by UFO differ from other earthworm equipment. They’re a hanging string of small devices. These are designed to properly moisten and aerate the earthworm environment. No bedding or cardboard is used. These hang inside the smalles of kitchens, even … Continue reading

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Electric Earthworm Separator

At UFO, my intern and I built and tested an electric earthworm separator. This is an electric appliance developed by UFO, but yet commercialized. Fig. 1. Testing the electric separation of earthworms The project was funded by a Carrot Cache … Continue reading

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